Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bikini Open 2013

It is summer time in the Philippines and most part of Asia. In this time of year, festivities abound like fiestas, flores de mayo, beauty contests and of course, the Bikini Open.

Joining the Bikini Open is a gateway for aspiring Filipinos to be noticed and be a model or actors someday. Although the contest is condemned by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) because it only shows flesh, many still join this contest in almost every part of the Philippines.

The same contest is also popular in Thailand, Brazil and in other Latin countries where it is considered an entrance to stardom and money.

I watched many bikini open contests in Youtube and I agreed with the CBCP's position. Some contests went to extremes.

 At one point, you would never know what the contest was all about. For the male category, it was like selling and promoting underwear. Some of these undergarments were so little that you might think that the contest was a show of balls and bulges.

At any rate, the audience enjoyed the contest, the participants seemed satified and some of them became part of show business.

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