Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kakai Bautista & Mario Maurer Romance

Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer so called romance was the talk of the town last week. This happens after Kakai posted some sweet pictures of the two in Thailand when she visited the popular actor there. Because of this, many think that the two are having a romantic relationship.

Although this line of thinking was already clarified by Kakai in an interview when she admitted that they were only best of friends and she regarded Mario only as his older brother, many still do not believe her.

However, if the relationship is indeed "love", more people will not believe it either. It is because of the physical atrtibutes of Kakai which is far below the beauty of Mario's previous girlfriends. We have to admit that it is not only outside beauty that attracts a man to a woman. The inner beauty plays an important role in a lasting relationship. At the moment, let the relationship of Kakai and Mario blooms into something special in the future. Let their friendship thrives.

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