Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2012 Philippine Bar Topnotchers

The Supreme Court of the Philippines released today, March 20,2012 the results of the 2012 Bar examinations with only 949 out of 5,343 or 17.76% passed. Ignatius Michael Ingles of Ateneo De Manila University topped this year's exams with 85.64%.

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Other new lawyers in the TOP TEN are:

2 . KING KAY, Catherine Beatrice O. = ADMU =84.72%
3. LACSON, April Carmela B.=UP=84.48%
4. ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus D.=ADMU=84.10%
5. BASE, Maria Graciela D. = UP=83.99%
    MACHUCA, Jose Maria Angel P = ADMU =83.99%.
6. SALAZAR, Patrick Henry D.=UP=83.71%
7. BARCELONA, Ralph Karlo B.=Aquinas=83.43%
8. LLAMAS, Marvyn S=.ADMU=83.29%
9. LI, Carlo Martin C.=ADMU\=83.27%
10. TIOPIANCO, Francis Paolo P.=UP=83.25%

For the complete list of passers, please READ THIS

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