Friday, July 6, 2012

PBB Teen Season 4 Big Winner is Myrtle Sarrosa


The PBB Teen Big Winner: Myrtle Sarrosa= 33.92%
Prizes: P 1 Million cash, home appliances, Sony Bravia TV, Laptop & Digital Camera, Asian Tour

Second Place: Karen Reyes  = 11.91%
Prizes: P 500,000 cash, home appliances, Sony Laptop & Digital Camera

Third Place:  Roy Dela Cerna Requejo - 9.38%
Prizes: P 300,000 cash, home appliances, Sony Laptop & Digital Camera

Fourth Place:  Jai and Joj Agpangan - 9.26%
Prizes: P 200,000 cash, home Appliances. Sony Laptop & Digital Camera

One day before the big night for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, the Big Winner was already known. He is Roy Dela Cerna Requejo, the "Boy Sipag ng Naga". It was alleged that the TV network sponsoring the reality TV was behind the win. It was alleged that employees,their friends and families were advised to vote for the Bicolano teenager. The so-called "indirect instruction" was made to make sure that Roy who comes from a poor family get the big share of the prizes, because the voting is so close.

Roy Dela Cerna Requejo

Judging from the previous Big Winners of Pinoy Big Brother, most of them came from not well-to-do families. As a result, sympathy votes reigned for their win. This is the same scenario for this PBB Teen edition 4. However, I do not believe that ABS-CBN has something to do with the Big Winner, directly or indirectly.

Tomorrow, July 7,2012 at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center, the Big Winner will be announced. Whoever it is, I hope that there is no "hocus-pocus" for his/her selection.

Malolos Sports and Convention Center

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