Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Tips on How To Get Good Grades in School

The opening of the 2012-2013 classes in the Philippines starts on Monday, 04 June 2012. As I had been a student myself,  it could be a dreadful or happy experience. Going to school everyday is always looking forward to if a student likes his/her teachers and classmates. It is traumatic if he/she has terror teachers and uncooperative classmates.

Going to school is not only to learn knowledge and improve one's personality. It is also an arena for achievement and self pride. To achieve that, a student has to to be ahead with other students. Here are some tips to achieve high grades in  school:

1. Go to school early. Be there 10 to 20 minutes before flag ceremony. In this manner, you can do unanswered assignments or review your previous lessons. Having said that, your school must be well-guarded and there are already some teachers and students in the vicinity. If you are very early, stay with the guard and do not go directly in your classroom until the other teachers and students arrived.

2. Do your homework regularly. If you do your assignment at night, you may know whether you understand the lessons or not. Ask your siblings or parents for help.

3. Allot enough time to do your assessment or school projects. Prepare a schedule or time table to allot your time so that you can submit your assessment/school projects on time.

4. Prepare sample tests a day or two before the real test or quiz. Since you made the tests yourself, you will surely remember the answers during the test proper.

5. Read ahead. Read the next chapter or lesson ahead of the others. In this case, you can answer unexpected quiz or can participate during class recitation when the teacher is explaining the lesson for the first time.

6. Study. Don't just read, comprehend. Ask questions. Ask help and advice from older siblings, students and parents.

7. Write lessons/lectures in your notebooks. Don't just highlight important notes in your books. You can retain and remember the lessons when you wrote them yourself.

8. Don't make absences. Attend your classes regularly. If you need to be absent, copy the lectures or ask your classmate for the lessons that were discussed.

9. Make extra effort for your projects. Make your school projects more unique but don't let somebody do them for you. Ask somebody's advice and expertise but do the rest.

10. Be kind to your teacher. You can get extra point for behavior or a little consideration during evaluation. 

After you did all the above and your grades are still low, well, eat some fish. Maybe, the problem is in the diet.

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