Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tom Johnson Doromal - Smiling Prince of PBB Teen 4

One of the most popular teen male PBB Season 4 housemates is Tom Johnson Doromal of Davao City. Tom belongs to a well-to-do family and he is often referred to as "Bukid Prince". Below are some of the important information of Tom via PBB website and photos from Facebook and the world wide web

Doromal. Tom , Johnson

  • Nickname:Tom
  • Status:Current Housemate
  • Real Name:Tom Johnson Doromal
  • Origin:Davao City
  • Birthdate:November 28, 1996
  • Nationality:Filipino
  • Occupation:Student
  • Civil Status:Single
  • Religion:Roman Catholic
  • Hobbies:Playing basketball
  • Favorite Color:Blue, white and black
  • Favorite Food:Sinigang, fish and shrimp
  • Favorite Show:Ben 10, Super Strikers
  • Favorite Actor:Jackie Chan, Jet Li
  • Favorite Actress:Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu
  • Favorite Singer:Scotty Mc Reery, Josh Turner, Jimmy Bondoc

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