Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ryan Boyce - Hunk Budoy of PBB Teen 4

Ryan Boyce, a Filipino-British teenager from Pampanga, is another teen hunk that caught the eyes of many gals and gays inside the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Season 4.

He is currently link to another housemate - Karen - who does not know the real score between them although they were exchanging love gestures and words for the last 2 weeks. 

In the end, Ryan was penalized by Big Brother. He was tasked the wash the clothes of all the other housemates.

Boyce. Ryan, M

  • Nickname:Ryan
  • Status:Current Housemate
  • Real Name:Ryan M Boyce
  • Origin:Pampanga
  • Birthdate:August 30, 1996
  • Nationality:Fil-British
  • Occupation:Student
  • Civil Status:Single
  • Religion:Catholic
  • Hobbies:Playing football, running
  • Favorite Color:Blue and red
  • Favorite Food:Burger, fried chicken
  • Favorite Show:Budoy
  • Favorite Actor:Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Lautner
  • Favorite Actress:Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Coleen Garcia
  • Favorite Singer:Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Gary V

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