Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Nobody is Contacting You for a Job

My company is in need of a planning engineer to work here in Saudi Arabia. While waiting for days for our recruitment agency in the Philippines to send us resumes for possible candidates, I tried to google the WWW for resumes. I was lucky that I found some. Unfortunately, I have to pay the websites to know the contact details of my prospects.


I tried again and it was the same. While posting your resume/CV/bio-data in the job websites for free, the owners of this sites require prospective employers to pay for a fee. It's fair considering that it is a business. However, not all employers, private and public, are willing to pay a fee. In this case, job seekers are losing their chances to be employed since employers cannot access their resumes on line for free.

In this connection, I advise that job seekers post their resume in their Facebook account, in their blog and other pages to be searched by prospective employers. However, care must also be observed in answering online employers. You must research for the background of the company before committing yourself. Some are only scams and could victimize you. In your resume, do not put your full contact address. An email is more appropriate. You should also highlight the position/s you are applying for and update your resume every now and then. Happy hunting!

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