Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tips to Win the Lottery

Lottery or Lotto is one of the means of different governments around the world to earn revenue. As sanctioned by the government, it is very legal although it is 100% gambling because it is a game of chance.And the odd is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, citizens patronize lottery because it is one way or the only way they can be instant millionaires. It is their hope! They may skip a meal, a drink or a cigarette but not betting on those numbers.Why not? For a small amount, you can rake in huge sum.

Usually, the numbers we choose are the days of birth of ourselves, parents, children, siblings, etc. Good choice but remember, you only consider half of the numbers since lottery numbers are from 1 to 65.

Birthday is fine but also put the ages of the celebrants. In this way, you also consider the upper numbers. Street numbers are also lucky numbers and even your plate numbers.

My tip is to hang on to your number combinations for as long as you bet. Over the years, the probability of winning is greater than changing them every time.

My best tip is to save your money and use it to invest in something real and not on chance!

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