Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aussie Michael Martin Caruana Found Alive Malling

Michael Martin Caruana, a 55 year old Australian, was found alive and kicking when we was traced by hiesfamily in Australia when he used his credit card. The information was relayed to Venus Jane Galvez of Bulacan, the Aussie's bride-to-be, who picked up Caruana in a hotel in Malate. The couple was ecstatic seeing each other and vowed to have their cancelled March 29, 2012 wedding on Tuesday,  April 3, 2012.

According to Caruana, he became scared when Galvez did not arrive on time to fetch him at the airport. The girl blamed heavy traffic for the delay. Caruana was harassed and later convinced by a taxi driver to take him to Pearl Manila Hotel, where the couple stayed previously. However, the driver dropped him off in another hotel after asking a fare of P1,250.00. Without Galvez's contact details and mobile phone, he roamed around a mall in Malate in a chance of bumping his girlfriend. The couple met on an online-dating site.

My Reaction:

I am happy to know that Michael Martin Caruana was alive when found. However, I do not buy the idea that he does not have the contact numbers of Venus Jane Galvez because I believe that this is the first thing that you should have when traveling to a foreign country. In an ABS-CBN report, the reporter mentioned that Caruana did not call Venus because he does not have a cellphone. Granted that, the hotel has lots of phones. And if he registered his name correctly in the hotel log book, the receptionist could have known him since he was on the news. 

Why it took 10 days for Caruana to surface? My guess is he might have another girl whom he might also considering to marry. Well, this is only my perception. I might be wrong. I am happy to be, this time.

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