Friday, February 24, 2012

Linsanity T-Shirts For Sale

For the  fast popularity of American-Taiwanese NBA sensation Jeremy Lin, his NBA Official "Linsanity: t-shirts are selling like hotcakes in Taiwan. Most stores are out of stock. It will be the same scenario when these t-shirts are available in other Asian cities.

The t-shirt was manufactured by Nike. However, rival Adidas is also making its version.It can be expected that counterfeit Linsanity t-shirts are also being manufactured in China.  To have your own original Linsanity t-shirts, you can order online at NBA store.

This is only the beginning of Kin's business deal. In the coming days, expect that he will be endorsing most household goods and services.

Congrats to Jeremy Lin! The pride of Asia!

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1 comment:

BLim said...

To those planning to purchase Linsanity shirts from the Knicks' online store, beware. I ordered 7 original Adidas Linsanity shirts but got only 3 original Adidas ones. The other 4 are Linsanity shirts with the Adidas logo but Gildan tags and no NBA holograms. Very disappointing considering I bought it from the official NY Knicks website. Still have to sort it out but I hope no one goes through the same trouble I have.

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