Friday, February 10, 2012

Anthony & David Semerad Invades PBB Unlimited

As part of the "Double Trouble", Kuya invited the Semerad Twins, Anthony Paul and David, John to give life to the Big Brother Unlimited Housemates. As we all know, the hot and hunk twins from Brisbane, Australia are members of the San Beda's Red Lions basketball team where they are instrumental in clinching the NCAA 2011 championship.

The Semerad twins are half-Czech and half-Filipino. Their father is a Czech construction businessman who met their mother Evelyn David in the Philippines when the former visited the country. 

These hot basketball cagers are taking up Business Marketing at San Beda College. They are both Taurus being born on April 22, 1992. It's very hard to identify who's who because they are very identical. It takes time to know them.

At present the two basketball hotties are still in the Pinoy Big Brother House coaching basketball to Team Wayuk and Team High Voltage for their 10th Battle.

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