Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ramgen - Janelle Scandalous Video in Full

While the Ramgen Revilla murder case was being initially open in court, a new twist came out in the offing. A scandalous video involving the murdered young actor and his recovering sweetheart - Janelle Manahan - in a lovemaking scenario inside their bathroom was being circulated in the World Wide Web. Several copies of this provocative video were already banned by Youtube but many others were already downloaded privately in computer hard disk and USB. Some can still be viewed in some blogs and domains.

Ramon Joseph "RJ" Revila - one of the suspects

I have seen the said video and confirmed that it was really Ramgen and Janelle in their intimate mood. It was taken by Ramgen himself using his camera. The video was short, only about 2 minutes but you can see what it is not to be seen by youngsters. Whoever uploaded this video in the internet might have a bad intention to Janelle. He/She is trying to taint the reputation of the victim. However, the showing of this viral video to the public via the internet must be a lesson learned to those who captured their private parts and lives live. It is them who may be blamed for its proliferation.

The family of Ramgen Revilla had denied the accusation that they were responsible for the uploading of this video. However, Janelle Manahan has already filed a case against them

Those who want to have a glimpse of the video, click this if it is still there.

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