Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ramgen - Janelle Scandal Video Part 2

It is now the talk of the bloggers and social networking groups that the second part of Ramgen Revilla and Janelel Manahan's intimate video has been leaked and allegedly circulating in the internet as of this writing. I have not seen this scandalous video that is why I cannot confirm that it is indeed Ramgen and Janelle. Some gossipers said that the video was taken in the bedroom of the two lovers and it was Janelle was featured more in the said video.

The first video had already brought shame on Janelle and I do hope that she shall be stronger this time.

In another development, Ramon Joseph and the two other suspects under police custody have been arraigned today and the three pleaded "not guilty" as expected for the murder of Ramgen Revilla and frustrated murder for Janelle Manahan. Ramona Bautista who is in Turkey was also indicted in the case.

If the purpose of the video uploader is to defame or harass Janelle for testifying or to taint her credibility, well, it is not working. Public sympathy is still on Janelle.

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