Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinoy Big Brother Top 14 Housemates

On Sunday, January 14, 2012, Big Brother sent off 6 housemates from the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited house during the 6th Elimination Night. These housemates are:

1. Unad
2. Naprey
3. Jerico
4. Steph
5. Ryan
6. Roy

With the elimination of the above housemates, the top 14 is now complete. The lucky 4 housemates who are now part of the top 14 housemates are:

1. Deniesse (Team Wayuk)

2. Divine (High Voltage)

3. Eting (High Voltage)

4. Joya (High Voltage)

After this addition, the complete list of top 14 housemates are:

Team Wayuk
1. Paco Evangelista
2. Kevin Andrew Fowler
3. Pamu Pamorada
4. Seichang Ushimi
5. Jessica Alviola Connelly

High Voltage Team
1. Joseph Biggel
2. Divine Maitland Smith
3. Tin Patrimonio
4. Jan Slater Young
5. Wendy Tabusalla
6. Johnny Eting Linaban
7. Ma. Joya Genzola
8. Carlo Romero

You will notice that the number of members in each team is not balance. Team High Voltage has 8 while Team Wayuk has only 7 members. As part of the After Shock announcement of Kuya, one member of Team High Voltage will be transferred to Team Wayuk. My guess is Carlo Romero. Who do you think?

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