Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PBB Unlimited Reveals 10 of Top 14 Housemates

As part of the Intensity 7 fiasco, Big Brother revealed 10 of the Top 14 housemates who will remain in the house. Six of these were announced on Sunday, January 8, 2012. They were:

1. Joseph Biggel ( High Voltage)

2. Paco Evangelista (Wayuk)

3. Slater Young (High Voltage)

4. Jessica Connelly (Wayuk)

5. Tin Patrimonio (High Voltage)

6. Seichang Ushimi (Wayuk)

On Monday, the following housemates were safe and included in the top 14:

7. Pamu Pamorada (Wayuk)

8. Kevin Fowler (Wayuk)

9. Carlo Romero (High Voltage)

10. Wendy Tabusalla (High Voltage)

The last 4 housemates to be included in the Top 14 shall be selected in the coming days from among these:

1. Naprey (Wayuk)
2. Ryan (Wayuk)
3. Steph (Wayuk)
4. Unad (Wayuk)
5. Deniesse (High Voltage)
6. Divine (High Voltage)
7. Eting (High Voltage)
8. Jerico (High Voltage)
9. Joya (High Voltage)
10. Roy (High Voltage)

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