Sunday, January 8, 2012

Patrick Says Goodbye to Pinoy Jr MasterChef - Jan 7, 2012

Patrick Baldosano

On Saturday, January 7, 2011, Jr MasterChef  Pinoy Edition had their elimination entitled "Hipontastic". This challenge was divided into 2 parts: Skills Test - To de-vein shrimps 2 - To cook shrimp with watermelon.

The Blue team who won in last week's challenge composed of Jobim, Kyle and Emman - was all exempted in the Elimination Challenge. Only the six kiddie cooks de-veined the shrimps for 10 minutes. After the time had elapsed, the 3 cooks who de-veined the most shrimps were exempted to take the last challenge. They were Philip, Acee and Miko.

Mika, Patrick and Caitlin battled it up for final challenge where they prepared "Shrimply Amazing Food" with shrimp and watermelon as main ingredients. Mika called her menu "Pakpon Salad with Watermelon Kebab". "Hipon ni Don Pakwan Delight" was prepared by Patrick while Caitlin cooked " Spicy Watermelon Shrimp Soup." After tasting and judging, Patrick was eliminated from the competition and was given a trophy and gifts.

The remaining top 8 composed of Jobim, Kyle, Emmam, Philip, Acee, Miko, Mika & Caitlin faced the Mystery Box challenge called "Pinoy Global" where they used 7 Pinoy ingredients and 3 international ingredients. They tried to blend these ingredients  to come out with fantastic menu. These were some of what they cooked:

Jobim - Treasures of El Dorado

Kyle - Modernist Binangoongan with Okoy

Emmam -Pandora's Box

Acee - Hearty Pan Dorado

Caitlin - Kumpletos Recados

(Above images were photographed via ABS -CBN show)

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