Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kim, Luz, Tol & Kigoy Say Goodbye to PBB Unlimited

Kim de Guzman with one her dogs

Luz McClinton

Four housemates, two from team Wayuk and Two from Team High Voltage, were evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited house tonight, Saturday, January 7, 2012. Kim De Guzman, the sexy model from Olongapo City, got the same fate of her boyfriend Mark Luz. Big Brother will disclose the reason of her force eviction tomorrow. Mama Luz McClinton from Team Wayuk was also evicted together with Anatoly "Tol" Chua and Kigoy Abarico of Team High Voltage.

Anatoly "Tol" Chua

Kigoy Abarico

In another development, Kuya announced that at the end of this week, only 14 housemates shall remain in the house. Five from Team Wayuk and 5 from Team High Voltage shall be selected by the viewers while the remaining 4 shall be chosen by Big Brother. Other information to this Intensity 7 shocker shall be revealed piece by piece by Kuya during the week.

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