Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baghdatis Wacking Rage at 2012 Australian Open

Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus released his frustration by whacking 4 rackets in a row. This happened during a break after the 26-year old Baghdatis suffered his second round loss to Stanislas Wawrinka on Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia today, January 19,2012. With his outburst of human emotion, he gained a $1,250 fine and an instant popularity at Youtube.

After he released his tension, Baghdatis won the third set but eventually lost the last set and the match to Wawrinka, 7-6, 6-4, 5-7 and 6-1.

Watch Baghdatis wacks his rackets below:

Some condemned Baghdatis but some understood his reaction. It is better to damage some things than to hurt himself. 

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