Friday, January 27, 2012

ABS-CBN Showtime ends on January 28, 2012?

With the last show of Happy Yippe Yehey on February 4, 2012, I am sensing that tomorrow's episode of ABS-CBN's top rating Showtime will also be its last. I concluded this after today's Campus Clash Grand Finals where CCP Bobcats won the 1.5 million pesos prize. Aside from this, there is no announcement of their next show on Monday. Vhong Navarro also hinted that there will be an announcement tomorrow. Well, let's just hope that a better show will come out of this! I hope my prediction is wrong.

If you miss the winning performance of CCP Bobcats, watch HERE:

Update: Today show of Showtime is indeed its last. The hosts gave their gratitude to all the people behind the show, the judges, contestants and especially to the "madlang pipol". They were emotional saying goodbyes to each other.

Rumor had it that the demise of Showtime is to give way to a noontime show to match Eat Bulaga's time slot. Showtime will be formatted to integrate some changes. Some of the hosts will be removed. Let's wait and see!

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