Wednesday, December 21, 2011

World Leaders Snub Kim Jong Il's Death

Kim Jong Il

While million of North Koreans mourned the death of their supreme leader Kim Jong il, the leaders of the world apparently ignored his passing. No intelligent agency of the world knew the death of the rouge leader if not from the official announcement from North Korea 2 days after. Kim Jong Il died on 17 December 2011 while on a train due to massive stroke caused by fatigue and exhaustion. 

King Jong Un

Except for China and other communist countries, no condolences were relayed to the leader's family and his people. This only showed how the world leaders viewed Kim Jong Il. Although not a surprise, the treatment will only enhanced the the views of the North Koreans towards the West and other leaders. While the passing of the supreme leader might command a relief if not a total victory for America and South Korea, the party is short-lived as the power and leadership was transferred to heir apparent Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il's son. Whether the new leader who is only in his 20s will continue the path his father paved for his country or not, is a five dollar question. The rest of the world is on a wait-and-see mode as Kim Jong Un inherited a strong military, ballistic and nuclear missiles.

Meanwhile, these same world leaders are still blind over the killing of anti-government protesters in Syria. It was reported that 111 civilians were killed in the recent demonstrations. Is it because the West and the super powers  have economic interests in Syria to protect?

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