Friday, December 16, 2011

UP APO Oblation Run 2011

Members of the Alphi Phi Omega (APO) fraternity of UP Manila and Diliman held their traditional Oblation Run this December 2011. UP Manila held theirs on Friday, December 2011 at around noon at the College of Arts and Sciences. The theme for this year's run is "SAGArun: Stop Breaching the Earth's Limit."

Watch the event at UP Manila below. The video may contain scenes not appropriate for those 18 years below).

On the other hand, APO members from UP Diliman did their Oblation Run today, December 16, 2011 which is also the University's traditional Lantern Parade. Also known as the Ritual Dance of the Brave, this year's theme of  APO members Run in UP Diliman is "Save Philippine Rivers" or "Sagipin ang mga Ilog". However, this same motto was echoed by funny UPians as "Sagipin ang mga Itlog" referring to what they had seen.

Being an alumnus of the University of the Philippines at Diliman, I had never experienced the traditional Lantern Parade and APO Oblation Run during my 4 years stay in the State University. It was because I was already at home enjoying my Christmas vacation when these events happened.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...I flew all the way from S'pore to Manila to be part of the Oblation Run event on 16 Dec at Diliman but I missed the UP Manila Oblation Run. Would like to know who I can contact for the date of UP Manila Oblation Run 2012?

Would truly appreciate your help. Please email me at:

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