Friday, December 2, 2011

NATO's Next Target - Syria or Iran

NATO's warplanes

Because of recent developments in world politics, it's more and more believing that North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is considering launching a "war" on Syria or Iran. Syria because of its handling of the pro-democracy rallies and demonstration. Even the Arab Leagues had exhausted all diplomatic means to halt Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from killing his own people. As a result, the Leagues imposed travel bans on prominent Syrian personalities and businessmen. The European Union also imposed travel bans and assets freezes on some Syrians involved in the anti-government crackdown. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay estimated that the death toll could be as high as 4,000. Meanwhile, the Syrian government maintained that it was only protecting its civilians and security forces from 'armed terrorists.'

Anti-government protesters in Syria

On the other hand, Iran could be the next Libya of NATO when the Iranians stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 when the West officially approved economic sanctions on Iran on suspicion of the real motive of its nuclear program. The storming of the British embassy was a recollection of the siege of the American embassy in 1979 following the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian government dismissed the allegations of the West and always maintained that its nuclear studies are for economic purposes only. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenie said in a speech that "Britain is an icon of Western imperilaist arrogance and it has a history of humiliating nations, destroying cultural and civilization heritage ans taking control of their resources."

Iranians stormed British Embassy in Tehran

Britain was very swift in its reaction over the siege, ordering the closure of the Iran's embassy in London. Other EU countries, France, Germany and Netherlands, recalled their ambassadors from Iran while Norway closed its embassy.

Ayatollah Ali Khemenei of Iran

With these two developments, what will be the single action that will trigger NATO to attack Syria or Iran?
As I see it, NATO will not attack Syria at once. It is because of the superpower Russia admitting that it was supplying cruise missiles to Syria and sending some ships to defend its interests in Syria. This will be a big blockage on NATO's attack on Syria. On the other hand, attacking Iran is more likely to happen as the US and the West did on Iraq and Libya. At the moment, the leaders of these countries are already boiling some "legitimate" reasons to bomb Iran, the same tactics they did on Iraq. The only question is when the pot spills its content, another nightmare to ordinary people of the world

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