Monday, December 26, 2011

Jr Master Chef - Go, Grow & Glow Invention Test Challenge

On Sunday, December 25, 2011, the team challenge continued through the "Go, Grow & Glow"food group invention test. In this episode, the winning team yesterday, the Red Team composed of Miko, Acee & Philip had to choose between Go, Grow & Glow food groups. The team selected the ingredients belonging to the Grow group which includes tilapia, garbanzos and soy milk. Afterwards, they gave the Go ingredients - potato, oats and rice noodles to the Blue Team composed of Kyle, Jobim and Emmam. Plum, watercress and celery belonging to the Glow food group was assigned to the Yellow Team of Patrick, Caitlin and Mika. In this challenge, all three ingredients of the food group must be used in each recipe.

Here are the recipes prepared by the three teams:

Red "Tangkad Sagad" Team

Fried Fish Cake in Soy Milk Sauce by Philip
   Tilapia with Veggie Tempura by Acee

   Grilled Tilapia with Mushroom Sauce by Miko

Blue "Running Ironmen" Team

Proqoats Fusion (Pasta Croquettes & Oats) by Emman

Asian Springrolls Fusion by Kyle

   Captain Carbs by Jobim

Yellow "Makulay Ang Buhay Dahil Sa Prutas at Gulay" Team

   Fresh Tart Salad & Cocktail by Caitlin
   Veggie Plum & Scallops by Mika
 Veggie Meat  with Plum Sauce by Patrick

After the tasting & judging, here are the scores of the 3 teams:
   Red Team = 2 points
   Blue Team = 4 points
   Yellow Team = 6 points

The cumulative scores of the 3 groups after the 2 challenges are:
   Red Team = 8 points  ( Miko, Acee & Philip)
   Blue Team = 6 points  (Kyle, Jobim & Emmam)
   Yellow Team = 10 points  (Patrick, Caitlin & Mika)

Note: Images were photographed from ABS-CBN's Jr MasterChef Pinoy Edition TV Show.

If you wish to watch the episode, click below:

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