Saturday, December 10, 2011

HYY Batang Genius - December 10, 2011


The three remaining finalists of the Happy Yipee Yehey Batang Genius battled it out again this Saturday, December 10,2011. Chester, JV and Jomari were challenged by Teacher Toni Gonzaga for a 15 questions "duel".


In this episode, the names of the 3 contestants are written on 5 balls each and put in a jar. Whoever name was picked out by Teacher Toni had the chance to choose his opponent. This 15 question challnege was dubbed as "Duelo".


Whoever win this battle had his wish granted to a particular barangay or person. Chester and Jomari's wish were grocery items while a "noche buena" was JV's wish. After the round, JV and Jomari were declared first honors with 5 points each while Chester only got 4. However, no one got eliminated because this was a non-elimination duel. In the end, all three finalists were granted all their wishes.

In this pre-final round, the competition was very tight. Who will be declared the Grand Winner of Batang Genius? Keep watching!

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