Friday, November 18, 2011

Tin Patrimonio & Joseph Biggel Loveteam

Joseph Biggel, the farmer-housemate from Marinduque who have never eaten an  ice cream in his youth is in "love" with Tin Patrimonio. This feeling was dislosed by Biggel to Wendy.

However, in one interview with Tin by Kuya, she revealed that she is not in love with Joseph, She only finds him amusing.

Well, can Tin change her feeling towards Biggel? What if the 3 Gs are introduced in the UnliNight? Can Biggel have a change of heart?

As I read some of the comments of the fans of Tin and Joseph, they came out with the title of this romance. One suggested "BiTin". Bi from Biggel and Tin from Tin. Bitin in the Filipino language means not enough, awkwardly low or hanging in the air. I think this is the right description for the loveteam since it is really hanging in the air.

Another suggestion is "Tingel". Tin from Tin and gel from Biggel. It is also a nice name but Tinggel connotes sexual reference in the Filipino language although it only sounds like it. PBB suggested "BiggeTin" which comes from Bigge from Biggel and Tin from Tin.

My suggestion is "JoTin" which comes from Joseph and Tin. Like Tinggel, it sounds and connotes sexual reference in the Filipino language.

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