Sunday, November 27, 2011

Super 12 Pinoy Jr MasterChef Elimination - Nov 26, 2011

Yesterday, 26 November 2011, another kiddie cook was eliminated from the Jr. MasterChef Pinoy Edition. Before that, the botttom 8 of the Super 12 faced the Pressure Test where they have to cook the signature recipe of the Guest/Judge Chef  Jessie Sinsioco.

Chef Jessie Sinsioco presented her zanzibar, proudly named " Princess Carmen" in honor of her mother. It is a dessert made of layers of pistachio-flavored meringue and butter cream.  In preparing this sweet, the pressure point is on the making of of cooked & crunchy meringue, soft and fluffy fillings, the plating and the coulis - a thick  sauce made from pureed vegetables or fruits.

After tasting and judging, the best "Princess Carmen" was in this order:

1. Kyle
2. Mika
3. Jobim
4. Acee
5. Emman
6. Philip
7. Caitlin
8. Tricia

Obviously, Tricia Baylosis was eliminated in this cooking show. She was presented with the Super 12 Jr MasterChef trophy. Her parents escorted her out of the pantry.

Tricia Baylosis

After eliminating Tricia, the remaining 11 kiddie cooks were grouped according to the color of boxing gloves they picked out. The Green team was composed of Patrick, Miko, Philip, Caitlin & Acee. The Yellow team included Kyle, Iain, Bianca, Emman, Mika & Jobim. The Green team was headed by Guest Chef Carlo Miguel while the Yellow team was headed by Chef Hasset Go.

Chefs Hasset Go and Carlo Miguel

The two teams were featured in a boxing match on a boxing stage where they have recreated a "surf and turf dish", a main course composed of meat and seafoods.

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