Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seiichi "Seichang" Ushimi - Japinoy Housemate of PBB 4

Seichang Ushimi is one of the first batch of housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited who is now getting popularity. This is because of his unintentional wittiness especially when he struggles to understand and speak the Filipino language. He is dubbed Pinoy Anime ng Japan. He is currently paired with another housemate - Pamu of Batangas. This tadem created the love pair "Pamuchang".

Seichang is 22 years old and born on March 16, 1989. He lives in Tokyo, Japan. Obviously, he is half-Filipino, half-Japanese. He loves to read books. Pink, purple, wine red and anything cute are his favorite colors. He enjoys eating kare-kare, adobo and barbecue. He watches Dragonball Z, Pinoy Big Brother and ASAP. He watches the movies of Sarah Geronimo and Penelope Cruz. He listens to the music of SMAP Band.

Seichang is afraid of cockroaches and wants order and cleanliness in the house.

Penelope Cruz - Seichang's Favorite Actress

Seichang likes this SMAP Band of Japan.

Do you think Seichang has the chance to become the Grand Winner of PBB Unlimited? 

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