Monday, November 28, 2011

Piolo Pascual Admits He's Gay!?

An inhibited Piolo Pascual

My eyes were tired and sleepy yesterday, 27 November 2011 while watching “The Buzz”.  I was also yawning and was about to close the television when KC Concepcion appeared on the screen with Boy Abunda. I am no fan of KC so I decided to reach the on/off button of the set.  However before finally reaching it, KC shed a tear and began performing the best “act” of her career. I was hooked. In spite of my sleepy eyes, I was able to grasp the gist of her thoughts. More than anything else, she and boyfriend Piolo Pascual had called it quits.  My tired and droopy eyes and mind won.

When I open my eyes again, I heard the voice of Piolo Pascual candidly admitted that he’s gay. My first reaction was indifference because I was expecting the revelation all along. Piolo was being suspected to be a bi-male long time ago. He was been rumored to be romantically linked with other effeminate actors and singers such as Erik Quizon, Sam Milby and even Yul Cervo. I read also in one blog that he had a pilot lover.
I am not into showbiz rumor because I knew that many of the intrigues and blind items were merely fabricated by managers and writers to boost the popularity of the actors/actresses concern especially when they had a movie or a show to promote. This so-called “normal” norm in the entertainment industry was revealed to me by a friend and former magazine editor.

Piolo Pascual & Erik Santos

With or without this intrigue and rumor about the sexual preference of Piolo Pascual, I knew from observations and readings that he is showing some signs of gayness.  The photos and video on this post will somewhat prove that. I respect the opinion of others about this hunk actor and I believe many of his fans will do anything to disprove the malicious accusation and defend their idol. This also happened in the case of Rustom Padilla and international singer Ricky Martin. In the end, these two brave persons shouted to the world their true identity and felt “free” ever since.

Piolo Pascual & Sam Milby

In fairness to Piolo Pascual, I do understand his hesitant to declare his sexual preference. He is afraid that it might be the end of his career. He is afraid of what his son and family might think and do. Nobody in showbiz directly asked him if he is gay or not. Even Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda do not attempt to shot the question. Maybe they want to defend the dramatic actor. Maybe because they are friends and it’s rude to ask that. Or probably, they do not want to know the truth or afraid that what they think maybe true. In doing so, nobody should accuse Piolo Pascual of being a cheat because he never declared that he is 100% a man. He also did not deny that he is in fact, a gay.

Yul Servo

With the break-up, Piolo has been freed from a dark shadow. As he admitted that he is now gay and happy, he is hoping that his fans and family shall understand and respect him. He shall openly show his “love” to whoever is his lover at the moment. He cannot blame anybody for his being. The extra Y chromosome in his body is more dominant that’s why he is showing more of the female behavior. He cannot blame God for His creations are all perfect. It is human who makes the imperfection.

As I reminisced the crying KC Concepcion in the square tube, my pillow dropped from my bed. As I reached it on the floor without opening my eyes, I heard the hissing sound of the TV. I lazily opened my sight s and saw nothing on the tube. I reached the on/off button and pushed it. I realized then that I had been dreaming.
Before closing my eyes again, I saw the photo of a smiling Piolo Pascual pasted on the wall of my friend’s room where I was lying. Indeed, he is gay... and happy, too!

Is this really Piolo Pascual? Click HERE:

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