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Pinoy Jr MasterChef Invention Test Nov 5, 2011

This Saturday, 5 November 2011, the 15 remaining Pinoy Junior MasterChefs were faced the Invention Challenge. Winning the best vegetable dish last week, Philip got the chance to pick the main ingredient between lamb rack, baby back ribs and spare ribs. Philip chose the baby back ribs.

After picking their palayoks (clay pots), wherein a colored bone was inside, they were grouped into three according to the color of that bone. The groupings were:

Yellow - Iain, Mika & Jobim
Red - Gilbert, Caitlin & Tricia
Green - Louise, Kyle & Acee
Orange - Patrick, Philip & Emmam
Blue - Bianca, Nadine & Miko

The teams were give one and a hour to come out with a dish with baby back ribs as the main ingredient. The teams presented the following dishes:

Yellow - Baby Back Ribs with Barbecue Sauce
Red - Toasted Baby Back Ribs with Vegetable Gratin
Green - Baby Back Ribs Afritada Style
Orange - Continental 2-way Ribs
Blue - Baby Back Ribs With Glazed Truffle ( a kind of fungi or mushrooms)

After tasting,  the team got the following points:

Emman -Orange Team - 6 points

Orange - 6 ponts
Yellow - 4 points
Blue - 2 points
Red & Green - 1 point each
Patrick - Orange Team - 6 points

Phillip - Orange Team - 6 points

For the latest cumulative score of the Junior Masterchefs Pinoy Edition, see below the list as posted in Wikipedia:

1Patrick Baldosano12, Parañaque30 points
2Philip Amarillo13, Cebu127 points
3Jobim Jalbuena12, Makati26 points
4Tricia Baylosis11, Batangas25 points
5Bianca Dimapilis9, Antipolo24 points
Kyle Imao12, Marikina24 points
Louise Mabulo12, Naga City24 points
6Acee Salangsang11, General Santos23 points
Caitlin Taluban11, Quezon City23 points
Miko Manzano11, Caloocan23 points
7Emman Buquid11, Muntinlupa22 points
Gilbert Go12, Quezon City22 points
8Nadine Oliver11, Naga21 points
9Iain Johnston12, Baguio20 points
Mika Tanaka10, Quezon City20 points

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