Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother - Day 18 - 22

Since the time slot of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited show here in Saudi Arabia is from 10 - 11 PM, I rarely watch the show. To solve this, I manage to tape every show and watch it when I am free. For the last 5 days, here are the updates:

Mark Luz

Kim De Guzman

1) The relationship of Kim and Mark was discovered by Paco and Erica. As a result, the lovers are automatically nominated.

Kulas Alon


2) Kulas, the Blue Strangers got 7 worst votes from the Industrial House housemates. As a result, he was evicted from the House after revealing himself. In the evening, Pamu saw RJ without his mark when going to bed. As a result, the teary Red Stranger was also evicted from the House. Reg became official housemate.
3) The Industrial House housemates failed to build their card tower. As a result, they will have limited supply next week.
Father & Daughter - Tin & Alvin Patrimonio

4) In the Slums, all the housemates went to the Resort except Biggel. Biggel was able to meet and play one-on-one basketball with Tin's father Alvin Patrimonio, who was celebrating his 45th birthday inside the PBB House. Alvin told Biggel that he is telling his daughters that they are allowed to have boyfriend as long as the guy is taller, handsomer and better basketball player than him. Obviously, these were only a joke. Tin correctly guessed that his father had been in the House when she saw big shoe prints in the basketball court.




5) The hunks of Slums chose Diane, Wendy & Joya to leave thee House in exchange for the 3 Gs. The 3 ladies were transferred to the Luxury House.



6) Jaz and Seichang were ordered by Big Brother to pack up and leave the Industrial House. The two slipped through a secret tunnel leading to the Luxury House. It should be remembered that Seichang has a crush on Jaz.

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