Monday, November 7, 2011

Naprey Almario - Strong Wheeled Teacher ng Davao sa PBB 4

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Naprey Almario, dubbed "Strong Wheeled Teacher ng Davao", is one of the highly recognizable housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited. He is the one on a wheelchair. Nap was born on July 8, 1988 and comes from Davao City. In spite of his condition, Nap enjoys scuba diving and photography. Black and white are his favorite colors and fish & chicken, his favorite foods. He watches Showtime and likes Bea Alonzo. He listens to Martin Nievera's music.

Image from nap's blog at

 His friend, James Malibiran, posted the following statements from Nap on his blog and I posted them here:

"I’m Naprey Almario, 22 years old and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and currently taking up Masters in Information Technology. I’m a part-time college Instructor in a day time and late at night, I’m a search engine optimizer/content writer. I’m a volunteer of various organizations in the city like the Padre Pio’s Home for Children and an active member of the organization for Person’s With Disability.

I am a Physically Challenged Person, as you can see I’m in a wheelchair. When I was 8 Yrs Old, life did not exempt me from cruelty. My lower extremities were paralyzed. It’s almost a 1 year stay in the hospital. Hoping for recovery and now it’s been 13 Yrs. I would just think that what I have right now is a punishment that I merit from GOD but instead a reward. Despite of all the pain, there are still smiles because I believe somehow, somewhere I will surely achieve the peak of my purpose. Thank God. If you see me in person, I’m sure your first instinct might be negative. Maybe you’ll say that I’m “Strikto” or “mayabang”, but it’s totally snide. I’m very approachable and I could say that I’m a good adviser. If you have problems or if you need someone to listen, I’m always willing. I can be your friend.

I hate those people na medyo madaldal, try to weigh the mood of the person. You would think naawa kayo sa situation ko but it’s okay but wag lang masiyado OA. I also share the same burdens with others so I would be happy if you’d treat me as ordinary person but still I’m glad for those concerned people. Thanks!"

Scuba diving - Nap's favorite leisure time (

Bea Alonzo - Nap's favorite actress (image from

With his positive outlook in life, I hope Nap becomes an inspiration to all of us. What can you say?

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