Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Loveteam: Biggel-Tin OUT! Pamu-Seiichi IN!

While there is a misunderstanding going on between Biggel and Tin, another love-team is blooming in the Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay house. Seiichi confessed to Big Brother that he is beginning to have a more than friendship feeling towards Pamu. He felt it when he was in the other house. In the days that follows, Seiichi is trying to win the heart of Pamu by following the 5-steps suggestion of Unad. These are:

   1. look into Pamu's eyes

  2. Make Pamu smile

3. Wink and smile at Pamu

4. Take Pamu's anger as a sign of love to you

 5. Tell Pamu that you love her with feeling

Whether Pamu succumb to this tactic of Seiichi is a good enough to watch their love story in the house. In one moment, Seiichi told Pamu that she's "pakipot" or hard-to-get, like other Filipinas. However, Pamu contradicted it. Steph has been teasing Pamu saying that there is something in her smile.

 (Seiichi and Pamu's images from pbb,

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