Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kim De Guzman - Model Housemate ni Kuya

Kim de Guzman, dubbed as Stunning Sweetherat ng Olongapo, is another model in the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited. She is 19 years old and born on June 7, 1992. She loves to shop, eat and play with her dogs. 

Sinigang (sour soup)

Her favorite colors are white. black and brown. She prefers sinigang and spaghetti. She watches Showtime, The Simpsons, Bio & MTV Cribs. 

She watches the movies of Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin and Amanda Seyfried. Her favorite singers include Drake, MusicSoulChild and Usher. Mark Luz is her boyfriend.

Last episode, Kim and Mark had their little private monthsary celebration inside the house where Mark kept on kissing Kim.

As time goes by, will they keep their secret? Can Kim hide her jealousy considering that other gorgeous women are in the house?

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