Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kigoy Abarico - Madiskarteng Bay ng Ormoc

One of the first batch of housemates to Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited, who is now getting notice is Marnill "Kigoy" S. Abarico. However, the popularity with the other housemates and with the tv viewers is not at all good. He is becoming a nuisance because of his hardheadedness. This maybe because of his upbringing and the experiences he had growing up.

Kigoy comes from Ormoc, Leyte. He is dubbed as "Bay Diskarte ng Ormoc".He is 32 years old and born on October 19, 1979. He likes to play the guitar, drink with his friends and talk about life. Sky blue, white and black are his favorite colors. He enjoys eating fried chicken.

 Fried Chicken - Kigoy's favorite dish

Maja Salvador, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Connelly are his favorite actresses. He watches Dragon Ball Z like Seichang, TV Patrol, MMK and ASAP. He loves to listen to the music of Rod Stewart, Siakol, Yano and Wolfgang.

Kigoy likes Maja Salvador

In his audition story, Kigoy was abandoned by his mother and abused by his uncle. At an early age, he left home and was engaged in misdemeanor like selling "hot'" cellphones and dealing drugs. With this kind of childhood and adolescence, his anger to his mother, uncle and to the world in general, are being manifested inside the Bahay ni Kuya. 

In the house, Kigoy always belittle himself and thinks that the other housemates are looking down at him. He is so sensitive that he is easily annoyed and angered. The housemates are seeing him as a typical "basagulero". Kuya hopes that Kigoy can change his ways by being good.

Should we support this Bay from Ormoc or vote him out right away? Please comment.

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