Monday, November 14, 2011

RJ Padilla, Reg Pineda & Kevin "Kulas" Alon

The 3 Power Strangers who invaded the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited House was named. They are:

Green - Ronnel Jake "RJ" Antonio Padilla - Astiging Kenkoy ng Paranaque
RJ is 20 years old and son of Robin Padilla's brother Rommel.

The following photos are from the Facebook page of RJ Padilla and from

RJ Padilla

RJ Padilla

RJ Padilla

Baby RJ

RJ in Mall Tour

Red - Reginald "Reg" Pineda - Pilyong Rakitero ng Quezon City

The above photo is from  www. This Reginald Pineda is a violin player and graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, the same school the top Reg Pineda came from. Is he the above person, too?

Update: Somebody commented that the above Reginald Pineda is not the same as Red Strangers - Reginald Pineda...

Blue - Kevin Nicholus Kulas" Fronda Alon  - Poging Petiks ng La Union

Kulas Alon

 Kevin Alon

Kevin Kulas Alon

The televiewers are wondering if these masked men will enter the House permanently or just visitors with specific tasks.

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