Friday, October 21, 2011

Machine wash VS Hand wash

Three of my polo shirts retire today. It is not because they are totally worn out but they have damages on the collars caused by washing machine. They were perfectly good six months ago when I hand washed my clothes. Since using the washing machine, most of my clothes were damaged. Several times, the buttons were detached. Socks stretched out. And these damages on the collars. What I cannot understand is why it is targeting the collars.

Well, maybe the soap I used can also be the culprit. Most laundry soaps, nowadays, have strong chemicals that although they clean and remove stains more easily, they also make clothes less durable.With this problem, I might as well resort to hand washing for my office clothes and use the washing machine for denims and blankets.

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1 comment:

Maricel said...

You're probably setting your wash cycle too long? Just my two cents, though.

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