Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poll: If you are the President of the Philippines,

what five (5) programs you will implement first to improve the lives of the Filipino people?

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Iam Herbert said...

Assassinate the corrupt :D

Dave Arroyo said...

1. Livelihood for tambays.
2. Train snatchers of Quiapo to be runners on the Olympics.
3. Teach street children to dance and let them join Showtime.
4. Relocate all the squatters to the mountain areas for them to cultivate.
5. Cut to half the salary of government officials.
I think that would be enough. :)
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Detektib Gapo said...

thanks dave.. i follow your blog..

Dave Arroyo said...

Thanks. I'll follow you too :D

Nurse Tina said...

1. Mobilization and deployment of health workers in the far-flung and rural communities.
2. Implementation and continuous improvement of the Reproductive Health Bill
3. Revision or improvement of current trends and practices in the education sector giving emphasis on training and apt compensation for teaching professionals; and intensive evaluation of student performance
4. Provision of employment opportunities to jobless sectors most especially addressing the present surplus of nurses; uplifting dignity of work in all aspect of the work force.

At dahil naubusan na ako ng baon kong Ingles, baka gusto ko lamang ibahagi na mayroon din akong blog page At simula ngayon pwede na tayo magpalitan ng mga kuru-kuro mga repapips! \m/

Detektib Gapo said...

@ Nurse Tina, I followed your blog on Filipino Nurses...

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