Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinoy Jr MasterChef - Invention Test - Oct 16, 2011

Sunday, 16 October 2011 was the Invention Test Challenge for the remaining 18 contestants of the Pinoy Jr MasterChef shown on ABS-CBN Channel 2. In this episode, the kids were tasked to prepare a cake for their "birthday" with banana as the main ingredient. All made remarkable and delicious banana birthday cakes but the six outstanding ones were:

1. Louise Mabulo - 6 points

2. Gilbert Go - 6 points

3. Acee Salangsang - 4 points

4. Jobim Jalbuena - 4 points

5. Tricia Baylosis - 2 points

6. Gino Yang- 2 points

The scores of the Jr MasterChefs were added to their previous scores and the top 3 were:

First : Kyle Imao - 18 points

Second: Gilbert  Go- 16 points (see above)

Miko Manzano - 16 points

Patrick Baldosano- 16 points (see above)

Third: Tricia Baylosis - 15 points (see above)

All the kids showed their enthusiasm and skills in preparing these cakes. Their parents must be proud of them!

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Anonymous said...

gosto ko talaga ang junior master chef dahil bmakikita mo kong ano ang gtaling nang pilipino sa mga bata

avegail said...

i really love watching junior master chef because i am learning from them and it amazes me everytime they invent superb dishes, just watching their plating made me salivate..

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