Sunday, October 9, 2011

Athena Garcia & Bea Atienza Bid Goobye to Jr MasterChef

On Saturday, 08 October 2011, the top 20 of the Jr MasterChef Pinoy Edition did the Catch-up Challenge. The first part was when they blanched ripe tomatoes and removed their peelings. The second part was squeezing oranges and pouring the juice on a one liter bottle. The 2 challenges were of speed and those who finished firsts were given higher points.
Blanched Tomato Peeling

Orange Juice Squeezing

When the points of these challengers were added to their previous points, the bottom Jr MasterChefs were revealed. They were:
1 - Athena Atienza
2 - Emman Buquid
3 - Mika Tanaka
4 - Bea Atienza
5 - Inday Lee
6 - Judel Bautista

The six contestants were tasked to cook the Filipinos' favorite adobo. These were the dishes cooked by the bottom 6 and how they were ranked

1 - Judel Bautista - Adobong Hito with Thai Salad
2 - Mika Tanaka - Antigo
3 - Inday Lee - Spanish Style Chicken Adobo
4 - Emman Buquid - Adobo Basil Pasta

Athena Atienza - Chicken Adobo with Gata & Crispy Garlic
Bea Atienza - Adobo with Oyster Sauce

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