Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are You Fertile or Sterile?

Loes Segerink

Following the creation of a new "fertility chip" from Holland, man can now know whether his sperm is fertile or  not or if he can impregnate a woman. The kit was developed by a researcher from the University of Twente,  Loes Segerink. The chip can count sperm and measure its motility. An ejaculate of 1 ml containing about 20 million sperms is needed for the test. The ScienceDaily reported that although home test kits are already available," they are limited and do not give accurate concentration readings". With the invention of  this fertility chip, it may offer a complete test. Segerink is scheduled to defend her doctoral defense on November 4, 2011.

Read the process here:

Sana nga ay maging matagumpay ang imbensyong ito ni Loes Segerink upang sa ganoon ay magawa ng mga kalalakihan ang test upang malaman kung sila ay maaaring maging ama o hindi. Sa ngayon kasi ay in denial pa ang karamihan sa mga lalaki.. Isa pa, hindi sila komportable na pumunta sa doktor upang malaman kung baog siya o hindi. Kung hindi maganda ang resulta, makakapagkonsulta agad siya sa isang espesyalista upang magamot ang kanyang kondisyon.

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