Friday, September 9, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 - National Costume Parade

The heat in Sao Paulo, Brasil began to boil when 89 contestants from all over the world  paraded their national costume in the Miss Universe 2011 Beauty Pageant preliminary on 7 September 2011. This event not only showcased the culture of the candidates but also the prowess of the designer. The final stage of the Miss Universe 2011 will be held at Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brasil on 12 September 2011.

Some of the contestants in their national costume:
Miss Philippines
Miss Australia
Miss Colombia
Miss France
Miss Japan
Miss Malaysia
Miss Singapore
Miss South Africa
Miss South Korea
Miss Thailand
Miss USA
Miss Vietnam

Most of the award for Best in National Costume went to candidates from Asia, Central and South America. Last year's winner was Miss Thailand.

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