Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thinking of a House Loan from NAB?

If you are thinking of a house loan, please see the schedule below so that you can see how your monthly repayment changes over time.

Schedule of Mortgage Payment of A House Loan from National Australia Bank
Amount of Loan :  $ 200,000.00
Interest Rate:   Fixed at 7.5%
Monthly Repayment:  $ 1,398
Period:  30 Years

Please click the link below to view/download the Schedule


1) You will actually pay your loan of $200,000 after 31 years.
2) The Total Interest Paid is $ 320,930.90 which is 1.60% of your loan.
3) To decrease the amount of interest overtime, always pay more than the minimum repayment if you can afford it.

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