Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sydney Life: Prices Are Going Up

The prices of some fruits and vegetables are going rocket high here in Sydney. Take a look:

The bananas are sold 12.99 AUD a kilo ($14.29 ; 52 Saudi Riyals; 585 Pesos) It is normally 1.99 AUD a kilo when there are abundant supply of bananas. The flood in Queensland brought the price of bananas to its can't-afford-level.
I just bought a piece of ginger at 19.99 AUD a kilo ($21.99; 80 Saudi Riyals; 900 Pesos). At this time of year when cough is prevalent, a soothing "salabat" is highly needed (now at a high price).
The other day, I visited a Chinese fish store and bought three pieces of female blue crabs at 13.99 AUD a kilo ($15.39; 56 Saudi Riyals; 630 Pesos). The male blue crabs are priced 12.99 AUD a kilo.
I bought 2 pieces of lemon at 70 cents a piece ($0.77; 2.80 Saudi Riyals; 31.50 Pesos)

IN SPITE of the above, some items are a bargain:
At ALDI, avocados and pears are 99 cents a kilo ($1.09; 4 Saudi Riyals; 45 Pesos)

This writing is not to scare potential visitors to Australia. This is to show how much these items cost in Australia and how less we can buy them in our places.

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WP said...

Madre de dios! talagang unano na lang ang hindi tumataas sa panahon ngayon. Kainaman!

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Malenadu said...

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yappysid said...

that's really expensive. and to think im going there next next year. :|

Ramcil said...

wow! :D

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