Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank God, It's Good Friday!

It's Good Friday here in Saudi Arabia. I don't know why the day Jesus Christ'd death was called a good day. Probably because it was the day the sins of the world were redeemed by the Saviour.

Some of my Pinoy co-workers went to Hofuf to visit Jebel Al-Qarra o popularly known as Judas cave. It was believed that Judas Iscariote hid to this cave after his betrayal of Jesus Christ. I declined to go there because it is Biyernes Santo and according to old belief, most bad luck happens on this day. Also, I felt it is inappropriate to visit the place where a condemned man lived his last breath.

I am hoping that my co-workers enjoy their trip and I am wishing that they went there just to see the place and to some, not to pay homage to or get an anting-anting from their "idol" (LOL).

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WP said...

Eii bakit di ka sumama, sana nakipagbeso-beso ka rin kay Hudas ahahaha. Nagpunta kami sa mapanghi na kweba na iyan recently. Ayun napagod lang ako :)

Detektib Gapo said...

bakit naman dadayo pa ako sa malayo? marami namang HUDAS sa malapit! LOL

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