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Sample Australian Citizenship Test - A

As promised, here are sample tests for those who wish to take the Australian Citizenship Test. Please be advised that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is in the process of changing the content of the test. It will focus more on the privileges and responsibilities of Australian citizens and will be written in plain English to accommodate those refugees and migrants who have low level of English proficiency. It might take effect in August 2009.

The first 5 questions are taken from DIAC website. All questions are based on "Becoming an Australian citizen" booklet. Actual test is by clicking answer by multiple choice. See tutorial at You passed the test if you correctly answered 12 out of 20 or 60%, INCLUDING all 3 CORRECT answers on the privileges and responsibilities of Australian citizen.

Sample Test A

1. Which of the following is a responsibility for every Australian citizen?
a. renounce their citizenship of any other country
b. serve in Australian Diplomatic Missions overseas
c. join with Australians to defend Australia and its way of life, should the need arise

2. Which one of these values is important in modern Australia?
a. everyone has the same religion
b. everyone has equality of opportunity
c. everyone belongs to the same political party

3. What is Australia's national floral emblem?
a. the banksia
b. the waratah
c. the golden wattle

4. Which one of these Australians is famous for playing cricket?
a. Rod Laver
b. Sir Donald Bradman
c. Sir Hubert Opperman

5. What is a Bill?
a. a decision by a government department
b. a proposed law that has not been passed through parliament
c. a legal document that outlines the Australian system of government

6. Australia is a federal nation because
a. it is a parliamentary democracy
b. it has national government and state governments
c. the Queen is the constitutional head of state

7. One of the most important privileges of an Australian citizen is
a. to serve on a jury
b. freedom of speech
c. right to vote

8. Australia has been inhabited for at least
a. 10 000 to 20 000 years
b. 40 000 to 60 000 years
c. 1 million years

9. The latest population of Australia is
a. 21 million
b. 20 million
c. 18 million

10. The national colours of Australia is green and
a. yellow
b. gold
c. orange

11. Australia has _____ official flag/s.
a. one
b. two
c. three

12. Most Australians practice the religion of
a. Buddhism
b. Islam
c. Christianity

13. The number of Aborigines at the start of European settlement in 1788 is about
a. 750 000
b. 500 000
c. 1 000 000

14. The constitutional head of state of Australia is the
a. Queen
b. Prime Minister
c. Governor-General

15. The Queen's representative to Australia is the
a. Prime Minister
b. Governor-General
c. Attorney-General

16. The party who lost in the election is called the
a. Coalition
b. Opposition
c. Loser

17. Australia has ______ senators.
a. 72
b. 70
c. 76

18. The highest court in Australia is the
a. Federal Court
b. High Court
c. Federal Magistrate Court

19. The voting age of Australia is
a. 16 years old
b. 17 years old
c. 18 years old

20._____________ is the national gemstone of Australia.
a. Jade
b. Opal
c. Sapphire

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