Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jodi Gordon - Drug Addict?

The famous Home and Away starlet Jodi Gordon of Australian television fell victim to drug abuse when she admitted taking cocaine on the day she and a bikie suspected of kidnapping were found cowering in the bedroom of a unit at Sydney's Bellevue Hill. Members of the police rushed to the unit after report that armed bandits were loitering in the unit's premises. It became known that this was pure hallucination by the duo. Earlier, Jodi was reported missing from the King Cross area by his boyfriend Ryan Stokes, Channel 7's heir-apparent.

With this development, Jodi should be removed from her role in the Home and Away program. She is not a good role model as she tarnished her character Martha in the series. I believe that a breakup with her boyfriend will follow. Jodi should go to a rehab. She deserves the Logie that she won for her acting but only our sympathy for her real life drug scandal.

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