Saturday, May 16, 2009


I watched Angels & Demons yesterday, 16 May 2009 at one of the cinemas here in NSW, Australia. The movie starring Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon appears to be a sequel to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code although the book was published earlier.

I did not expect that the film will receive a lukewarm welcome here in Australia. I said this because it is only on its third day of opening and yet we were only about 30 people in the theatre on its first showing of the day. It is maybe because the cinema my family and I went to was 2 dollars higher or it is because of the global recession. Whatever the reason is, I guess the movie will not gross higher than its predecessor.

There is no much controversies on this second release. It is about science and religion and yet it does not focus much on the teachings of religion. The facing is fast and the whole film happens only in a day. It is still worth watching, though.

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The Piscean said...

Good for you! I have no idea when will I be able to watch this movie, September perhaps during my annual leave hahahahaha.

jjm said...

Yup! Dapat nauna ang Angels and Demons sa Da Vinci Code. Anyway, mas maganda ang Da Vinci Code kasi 100% orig yung story from the novel. Kaya mas controversial esp sa Catholics.
Yung Angels and Demons ay modified ang story plot... sobra! I was disappointed with Ron Howard.

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