Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Galman - Aquino Double Murder

Because of the release of the soldiers who allegedly killed Benigno "Ninoy" Aguino at the Manila International Airport's tarmac in the 80's, the Galman-Aquino Double Murder case surfaced. I understand the reactions of TV host Kris Aquino and Sen. Noynoy Aquino for the "early" release of these "murderers".

Until now, the soldeirs denied the accusation. They maintain their innocence. Guilty or not, they suffered a lot. Like Kris and Noynoy, these soldiers also have children who missed their fathers for 25 years.

Finding the mastermind is of no use. Bringing the real culprit to justice is of no use because he/she/they might be dead by now or bringing them to jail maybe not possible because he/she/they are too old by now and may receive a pardon.

Let us forget this injustice and move on. Ninoy is dead but his memories and aspirations remain.

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