Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 Closes

Michael Phelps
The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics closes with superb pagentry on 24 August 2008. China, the host country, gathered the most gold medals while the United States raked in the most medals. Micahel Phelps of the US became the most bemedaled athlete winning 8 golds in the swimming competition. The top 10 countries with their gold-silver-bronze medals are:

1) United States -36-38-36
2) China-51-21-28
3) Russia-23-21-28
4) Britain-19-13-15
5) Australia-14-15-17
6) Germany -16-10-15
7) France -7-16-17
8) South Korea -13-10-8
9) Italy-8-10-10
10) Ukraine-7-5-15

Frustrating but expected, the Philippines did not get any medal. With little time for training and financial support from the government, a Filpino Olympian gold medalist is yet to come. Hopefully from billiard if it becomes an Olympic sport.

Erik Santos was supposed to sing at the closing ceremonies but since I was not able to see the event, I am not sure if he did perform or not. I wish I could hold on the recording of the opening as well as the closing ceremonies of the Game in the future.
Erik Santos

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